Monday, October 13, 2008

Buy Local!...Buy Handmade!

Lately the economy has been weighing heavily on my mind(and everyone else's). You can feel the uncertainty in the air.
The government and big corporations have let us down. Where do we turn? I say let's turn to each other, let's spend our hard earned dollars where we can do the most good. Places like Etsy that support cottage business and our local shops, and farmers markets.
This is my Main Street. It is a precious part of America. We need to keep the honest hardworking folks that keep it alive in business. If we lose our local economy, where will we be?
I'm getting off my soapbox now and taking my kids to the pumpkin races. Pumpkin races you say? I'll have pictures soon :)


Chocolate and Steel said...

Please! come back to your soapbox after your pumpkin race! we need you and anyone that will listen:) I completely agree with you. We have such a profound effect on our economy and the power to improve it.
Best of luck to you.

The pictures from the pumpkin races are adorable, btw. Your kids seem really lovely:)

Julie said...

Thank you! I hope to do alot of my holiday shopping on Etsy and on Maine street this year! We all should do our part :)