Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've been thinking today about the strangers that come in to our lives for just a brief time maybe just a for a minute or two, and give to us words of wisdom that last a lifetime.

The two instances that I remember seemed unimportant at the time but now, many years later, I am still thinking of them.

The first stranger came to me when I was a young wife shopping for citrus fruit - she told me to look for the heaviest fruit, because it had the most juice. Simple, yet not something I had considered before.

I thought of her today, a good eighteen years later as I was trying to find the heaviest lemon at Shaw's.

About fifteen years ago I was trying to hurry my little girl along as she washed her hands at the mall, seeing a line behind us. Another wise stranger said that she had as much right to have time to wash her hands as the adults did. Of course! So simple why didn't I think of that? I think of her even now when my young son needs time to accomplish something and people are waiting...he gets as much time as he needs :)

Thank you wise strangers!